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Graphic Information Service Hotline 0728-6292000

Evergrande Masterpieces

In the middle of the year, Shenghui rushed to buy three sets of special rooms daily at a price of 60,000 yuan in the first phase. The starting price is as low as 5710 yuan / ㎡, and the construction area is about 90-138㎡. Huhuazhuang Hotline: 18672865121

91 days left

Video production

Shoot and produce micro movies, promotional videos, commercials, video dubbing and editing. Contact number: 18672860520 (same number on WeChat)

91 days left

Gold advertising space is waiting for you

Recommended information valid for 365 days

Gold advertising space is waiting for you

Recommended information valid for 365 days


Yihe Real Estate Recruitment Agent

Treatment: basic salary 2000-4000 + high commission, 4 days off monthly. Requirements: 1. Unlimited academic qualifications, no experience required, free training 2. Love sales, passion for work, and a sense of responsibility 3. Unwilling to be the status quo, and want to change your own recruitment hotline through your own efforts: 13593990055

Information release time: 2019-12-24 10:08:52

Guding Information is valid for 24 days

Wangwang Shop for Sale on the First Floor of Central City

The existing profitable shops in the center of the city are transferred. The area is large, and half of the rooms can be rented for milk tea, snacks, etc. Please talk about 13554675564.

Information release time: 2019-12-24 15:06:07

Guding Information is valid for 24 days

Face-Payment Merchants + Recruitment

Hubei Dingrong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the 18th floor of No. 1 City. It specializes in facial payment equipment. It has settled in various traditional industries such as hotels and supermarkets. Due to the expansion of the company, we are now inviting people with lofty ideals to cooperate and share wealth! In addition, five outstanding business managers were hired at high salaries, weekends, total Liu: 13184498888

Information release time: 2019-12-20 9:42:24

Guding Information is valid for 20 days

Guan Gong naked face recruitment

Due to the needs of franchise development, the following elites are being recruited. 1. Two supervisors in the front office. 2. 10 waiters. 2. Cook 2 noodle chefs. Phone: 130 9329 9003 With WeChat. Contact Person <Close Manager>

Information release time: 2019-12-18 8:58:18

Guding Information is valid for 18 days

Zhanghua International Homes for Sale

Zhanghua International 106 flat 2 room 2 hall hardcover room for sale, whole house central air-conditioning, heating, home appliances and furniture, check-in! School district room, good location, convenient transportation, priced at 780,000, interested parties please contact: 13349719110 (intermediary do not disturb)

Information release time: 2019-12-18 9:38:00

Guding Information is valid for 18 days

Kingbridge County facade for rent

Sports Square Jinqiao County facade house, 77 square meters has been renovated, with an annual rent of 35,000, can be used as two floors. (A row of Blue Sky Cambridge Training School), interested parties please contact: 13497719110

Information release time: 2019-12-18 9:39:14

Guding Information is valid for 18 days

Zhongdong Accounting 488 Elementary

Zhongdong Accounting has a junior accounting title of 488 yuan in accounting. It will be taught in a cyclical manner. No other fees will be charged during the period of study. In addition, face-to-face lectures for middle-level titles have been started. For more information: 186 9612 0435 WeChat same number

Information release time: 2019-12-9 11:08:04

Guding Information is valid for 9 days

Recruit Taobao customer service

Wages 3000-4500 (3,000 plus bonuses), relevant working experience required, computer typing proficient, 22-35 years old, 7: 40-15: 40 in day shift, 15: 30-23: 30 in evening shift, weekly order Hugh, take meals, girls can take them, Address: 21 Shanlin Road, 13197451902

Information release time: 2019-12-3 9:42:41

Guding Information is valid for 3 days

NetEase News Qianjiang Station Recruitment

Recruiting a text editor, capable of independent editing and editing, maintaining a public account, a business manager, exploring Qianjiang market, basic salary 2500+ commission, business manager, market development, telephone 18571922223

Information release time: 2019-11-26 9:45:47

Guding Information is valid for 58 days

Wanted Computer Technician

Oilfield Wuqi Computer Co., Ltd. is looking for a computer technician. It requires more than half a year of work experience in this industry, willing to learn well, a monthly salary of 4,000 or more, and five days off. It can provide social security, engage in computer and network, security monitoring and office equipment maintenance. Contact 18672883304

Information release time: 2019-11-3 10:14:30

Guding Information is valid for 3 days

Space Literature and Art Qingba Recruitment Part-time

Wanted female waitress, talented or good body is preferred. It's not just craftsmanship but literature and art.
Address: Opposite the original Dongfang Hotel. Opening hours: 19: 00-02: 00. Phone: 18972612323 (same number on WeChat)

Information release time: 2019-10-27 14:34:17

Guding Information is valid for 300 days

Zhirui education leads to improvement of mechanical qualifications

Qianjiang Zhirui Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is an established local education institution dedicated to the improvement of college and bachelor degrees. The school has many choices and complete specialties. It also applies for various professional qualifications. Contact Mr. Xiong: 19972807316 )

Information release time: 2019-7-22 17:16:32

Guding Information is valid for 131 days

Meituan Takeaway Qianjiang Station

Meituan Takeaway Qianjiang Station is currently recruiting a large number of riders, regardless of gender, with or without experience. The salary is 5000-10000. It is not capped. It is more work and more. It also recruits a market manager. The salary is negotiable. Phone: 13419673409

Information release time: 2019-7-22 17:18:17

Guding Information is valid for 58 days

New homes for sale

Five hundred meters away from Caoyu Park, the new elevator room and step elevator room are for sale, the transportation is convenient, the price is negotiable, and the telephone number is 13333723118.

Information release time: 2019-5-26 17:12:02

Guding Information is valid for 146 days

Hengxin firm recruitment

Hengxin Commercial Bank (HaoYiduo) recruited a warehouse manager and an urban salesperson. The salary is negotiable.

Information release time: 2019-12-31 3:07:14

↑ Validity period is 61 days ↑

Recruiting night shift waiter

Recruiting night shift waiters Working time 12 pm-7:30 am Salary interview Telephone: 15107229508 Manager Chen

Information release time: 2019-12-31 2:32:59

↑ Validity period is 61 days ↑

Hire Graphic Designer

Recruit graphic designers, under 40 years of age, have long-term plans, have more than three years of work experience, be proficient in typing, design and production, negotiable salary, 4 days off on a monthly basis, dinner in a package, please contact 13972198597 if you are interested, address: Garden District

Information release time: 2019-12-30 18:05:15

↑ Validity period is 60 days ↑

Children's Paradise Transfer

Qianjiang neighbouring county children's playground was transferred, with a central area of 1,000 square meters, next to the movie theater, with a large flow of people, and has been operating for more than 3 years. There are naughty castles, video games, sand pools, handicrafts and other facilities. More than 1 million are needed. If you are interested, please contact 13972615768

Information release time: 2019-12-30 18:02:28

↑ Validity period is 60 days ↑

House for sale

Opposite Buffalo, Zhanghua Middle Road, middle and high-rise 2 rooms, 2 halls, 112 square meters, Zhonghuashui Water and Electricity, nearby hospitals, Qianjiang Middle School, No. 2 Middle School, Elementary School, Zhongshang Supermarket, convenient transportation, Tel: 15827977664

Information release time: 2019-12-30 17:22:45

↑ Validity period is 60 days ↑

Residential elevator room 2 room 2 hall rent

13872969043 WeChat Ivy League residential elevator room for rent, 2 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms, 80 square meters, complete facilities, hardcover, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, bed wardrobe, stove, sofa, and other furniture.

Information release time: 2019-12-30 18:08:05

↑ Valid period is 364 days ↑

Facade transfer

Because I have other business operations, I am now transferring the Buffalo Gold Facade. The location is superior. Interested parties please contact 13581300382

Information release time: 2019-12-30 18:13:30

↑ Validity period is 30 days ↑

Roewe Reception

The Roewe store in Tianchi Automobile City, Ximen, Qianjiang City is urging to receive 1 person. The work is a priority. The lunch is served 6 days and 7 hours a day, and the company benefits are available after hire. The salary is about 2500. For details, please refer to 13476116887

Information release time: 2019-12-30 17:16:02

↑ Validity period is 60 days ↑

House to rent

Three bedrooms and one living room for rent. Single decoration. 100 square meters of independent bathroom. Beds, cupboards, etc. move in directly. The price is 400 yuan per month, 13886961347

Information release time: 2019-12-30 20:27:47

↑ Validity period is 60 days ↑

Restaurant recruitment

City One Yu Fatzi Charcoal Fire Frog Pot Recruiting waiter, cashier, dishwashing aunt, part-time job is also possible, detailed interview or telephone consultation, contact phone: 13397727777 Mr. Fu

Information release time: 2019-12-30 19:03:46

↑ Validity period is 60 days ↑

Express urban area transfer

Because I have other things, I transferred the area I contracted. 13477406898

Information release time: 2019-12-30 20:38:02

↑ 90 days remaining ↑


Recruitment of kindergarten teachers, teacher qualification certificate, kindergarten work experience, special seniors are preferred 13451145114

Information release time: 2019-12-30 22:53:18

↑ Validity period is 30 days ↑

business manager

Auto insurance, loan commissioner, weekends and weekends, five insurance and one payment, contact person, manager Xu 13733408626

Information release time: 2019-12-30 21:05:16

↑ Validity period is 30 days ↑

Qianjiang High School Entrance

Qianjiang High School entrance store transfer or lease, cheap rent suitable for all kinds of business, I want to do business early to prepare for the beginning of the first six days of the seventh day of school. Interested parties look at the store to discuss 15271175156

Information release time: 2019-12-30 21:06:29

↑ Validity period is 30 days ↑

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